The Empty Train Stretches out in the Grass…

The empty rake of the Guwahati – Ernakulam – Guwahati weekly Express lies idle at the “Mashalling Yard” at Ernakulam, in between the Ernakulam Town (North) and Ernakulam Junction (South) Railway Stations. The train stretches out idly among the teeming flora of the “Outer” of Ernakulam stations, a real jungle where nature flourishes. Note that the Sleeper Coach on the left was manufactured in 1987!

BMTC Tata MarcoPolo Bus Running 362C

A Tata Marcopolo bus of the BMTC seen at St.John’s Hospital Bus Stop late one evening. The bus runs 362C from Shivajinagar to Begur off Hosur Road. Tata Marcopolos were meant to be Tata’s “Desi” answer to Volvo and Mercedes as “Indian” rear-engined Air Conditioned buses, but were an utter flop as the buses were extremely noisy, underpowered to the extent that they wouldn’t move, sluggish, spewed out walls of smoke and broke down frequently. Almost all have been withdrawn now. There is a non-AC version of it too, which is doing somewhat better.

A Pleasant Afternoon at the Border!

A calm and pleasant afternoon at the Kerala – Tamil Nadu border on the Palakkad – Coimbatore railway line at Walayar on the Tamil Nadu side, barely 100 meters from the border between the states. The sun shines brightly and the breeze is strong, but not a soul stirs in the place, serene and quiet on the backdrop of nature. Both the roads lead into the forest. This is the location.

WAP4# 22391 at CGY With the Island Express!

Legendary 16525 Kanyakumari – Bangalore Island Express arrives on platform 2 at Changanasserry Railway Station headed by one of Erode’s workhorses the WAP4 #22391. WAP4 engines are Indian Railways’ workhorses.

Happy Republic Day!

Surya Kirans of the Indian Air Force fly with smoking contrails of the Tricolor during an exercise at the Bangalore Aero Show 2011. The blue sky was brilliant and Surya Kirans were amazing! Happy Republic Day, everyone! 🙂

Two of India’s Old Electric Warhorses!

Two old electric warhorses of the Indian Railways coupled together (MU-ed) wait their turn to carry on with their duties at KR Puram Railway Station, Bangalore. Battered and bruised from their long years of hauling heavy freights across the country, the WAG5A #23129 and WAG5 #23083 locomotives (engines) both belong to the Arakkonam (AJJ) electric loco shed today. Note their old Maroon livery, which was the color of all trains in India until 1996. Maroon color is usually used to denote vaccum-braked rakes, though these two are air-braked. Only the 23083 is live, the other one is switched off, panto down.

The 4360 hp engined dedicated freight hauling WAG5s and variants revolutionized electric traction in Indian Railways and were the ones which put India on electric wheels. They are the most successful electric locomotives in India, with 1200 of them produced since they were introduced in 1988, and most are still going strong!